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Ethereal Bloom

Love Tarot Reading

Love Tarot Reading

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By buying this service, you will receive one reading by email within 3-5 business days (not including weekends or holidays) of what you need to know in your love life. This is a 10-card pull and includes an emailed intuitive message of what you need to know in your current love life, including current relationship problems, past or future romantic energies coming in, and what you need to do on a personal level to be prepared for it.

If you have a specific question you want me to pull the cards for, please contact me with your order number and your special request.

No refunds or cancellations but if you need clarity on any issue with regards to the reading I am happy to help.


Please know that what I say should not be taken as legal or therapeutic advice. I'm a psychic, not a legal or therapy advisor. By purchasing this reading you agree to take full responsibly for all actions or decisions you may or may not make as a result of this reading. I or anyone associated with Ethereal Bloom Shop will not be held liable for any such actions. You also agree that this is for entertainment purposes only and not a substitute for medical, legal or psychological advice. By purchasing this reading you are saying you are 18 years and older.

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