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Ethereal Bloom

Protection Spell Jar

Protection Spell Jar

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Protection Spell Jar | Spell Jar | Protection

Each jar is made individually and uniquely based on the energy I feel from you and based on what you need in the moment in terms of protection.

If you have special requests or specific information you'd like to share as to why you need the protection jar, please let me know in the personalization text space when you purchase the jar.

I work with crystals, sage, powders, and my own energy. I do infuse my own energy and protection into the jars.

I recommend you place the jar near your bed if you have spiritual attacks, near a window or at your door if you want your home to be protected. You can place them with tourmaline or selenite to enhance its powers.

Create a connection with the jar, speak to it before moving it, and allow it to do its job.
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