Divinati Grimoire


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This Grimoire contains all my secret rituals and spells for you to live your most desired reality and life.

When you purchase this grimoire, you will automatically receive the updated versions for free. This is a lifetime promise. Every time I update the Grimoire, you will receive an email with an updated version of the Grimoire, with the new rituals added for you to enjoy. 

Once purchased, you are also welcome to send me ritual requests for me to add to the next version of the Grimoire. If there's a ritual or spell jar available from my guides, it will be added. 

What you can find in the Grimoire: 

- Love spell jars 

- Protection Spells & Rituals

- Quantum Jumping Rituals

- Past Life Karma Release Rituals

- Money Rituals

- Soulmate Jars

- Health Rituals

- & much more.

It's time for the Witches to rise and help one another. Please note that all spells and rituals are white magick only. The spells and rituals are not available for anyone that wishes to harm someone else or to bend someone's will to their own. These spells and rituals do not attack someone personally, bring harm or chaos to anyone's life, or force someone to fall in love with you.

Delivery Time

All readings are done 7-10 business days (Monday to Friday) after purchase. Although I do have a deadline set, please be mindful of divine timing, as energy reading can get pretty heavy depending on the situation, therefore some days I have to take breaks or recharge. So if the 10 business days are completed and you haven't received your reading yet, trust that it is on its way, you are never forgotten. You are welcome to send me an email to check in, of course, I completely understand the excitement of receiving a reading, and I can update you on your timeline happily! :) 

For private one on ones, I will be sending an email 48 hours after purchase with appointment availability.

Personalized Experience

Please make sure to add your question/questions to the "notes" on checkout

If you forget to add to the notes, please contact me with your order number and your request.


No refunds or cancellations after purchase/delivery but if you need clarity on any issue with regards to the reading I am happy to help.

Please know that what I say should not be taken as legal or therapeutic advice. I'm a psychic, not a legal or therapy advisor. By purchasing this reading you agree to take full responsibly for all actions or decisions you may or may not make as a result of this reading. I or anyone associated with Ethereal Bloom Shop will not be held liable for any such actions. You also agree that this is for entertainment purposes only and not a substitute for medical, legal or psychological advice. By purchasing this reading you are saying you are 18 years and older.